1. A place like any other. 


  2. Crossing Over


  3. Vanishing Points


  4. A Tree in Central Park


  5. Quiet Sunday Morning in Bushwick, Brooklyn


  6. Glimpses


  7. A wonderful sunset from Brooklyn. It has been a tough year with a lot of failure for me. I try to look for the small  things to help keep me going. I know one day I will start to see why this year has been so tough but for now I just take one step at a time. 


  8. It has been a busy past few months. Feels like I have not posted anything in what feels like a year. Here are some reflections from Central Park I took over the weekend before getting really sick. I look forward to getting out there again soon. Looked like a beautiful day out. 


  9. Crosby Deli (at 21 Crosby Deli and Grocery)


  10. Treble NYC